Citybeach Physiotherapy


To compete at their best athletes must be aware of their strengths and more importantly their weaknesses. Problems such as muscle tightness, muscle weakness, poor stability and poor motor control can all lead to injury, thus time not training or competing. At City Beach Physiotherapy, I can perform a musculoskeletal assessment and provide a program to address any issues that arise from assessment.

If you are unfortunate enough to sustain an injury, below are some tips:

Prevention (wear appropriate protective clothing, suitable equipment, address any musculoskeletal issues)

Rest (the body is a remarkable thing and can heal most things when given a chance)

Ice (damaged tissue bleeds, cooling with ice causes vasoconstriction and thus decreases the bleed)

Elevation (help the circulation of debris from the damaged area and prevent oedema)

Medicine (analgesics, topical and oral anti-inflammatories, cortisone)

Modalities (hot/cold, ultrasound, interferential, TENS from your physio)

Manual therapy (see your physiotherapist)

Diagnosis (see physio, doctor and any other medical professionals)

Soft tissue injury responds well and should be treated with the above principles where possible.

Bony injuries should be stabilised and assessed/treated by medical professionals.



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